Keramik Liebe bedeutet Nachhaltigkeit für die Menschen.

Sustainability has developed into a very important element in our lives in recent years. Especially in the last few years, when the world has been turned upside down, we have remembered that sustainability and regionality are essential. We no longer want to be dependent on products that are produced far away and generate pollution and inhumane lives. We want a return to environmentally friendly and local production. We want to support local productions with handmade products from Portugal. We want to know and see where and how our products are made. We want to ensure that the people who make our ceramics experience good working conditions. They give us their art, we give them our trust.
This always means a bit more opening your own wallet, because sustainability and the guarantee of good working conditions cost something. But we like to do that. We do this for our children, for our environment, for the people of our country and for us.

Our products are created according to the motto of nature *difference creates harmony*. Each product is unique, high quality and handmade. This can also lead to deviations in colour, which gives each product its own character. Our products are environmentally friendly and are made from pure, non-polluting raw materials. They are made from natural raw materials and are reunited with nature in an environmentally friendly way at the end of their useful life. Production ensures maximum reduction of materials, waste and energy in the interest of all of us. We only work with sustainable companies.