Unsere Geschichte zu Keramik Liebe

We are a happy family from Germany who were very fortunate to be able to fulfill our dream of living in Portugal. With Portuguese roots, we have always had a special love for this wonderful country, for its loving people and the deep blue sea. Professionally, we have always let off steam in marketing. We loved and celebrated trade fairs and events, we refined and sold ceramics, we brought teams together. We grew up in families that have always had an urge to create and have ennobled Portuguese craftsmanship for generations. With this diverse background, it was obvious for us to start the story of Ceramic Love. Accompany us on this exciting journey; as customers of our unique ceramics, as ceramic lovers of our team or as admiring spectators. Because we all deserve a touch of holiday on the table.

With our Alegria collection, our vases and tablecloths, we sell our own products. With the Amazonia and Black Stone collections from Terrafina - Stoneware by Ceramirupe, we work together with a very trustworthy Portuguese partner company. We have developed our handmade products with a lot of passion and joy. And it is precisely this joy and passion that we want to bring to your home with our new products.